Friday, December 30, 2005

!Chez Petite

I'm not sure how I ended up stumbling into this store but as soon as I did I landmarked it. !Chez Petite is located at New Caledonia (228, 236, 22) and features furniture and things for your virtual home that are low on prims and high on design. The fabrics (textures) have been chosen carefully to compliment each other and the result is an environment full of nifty stuff that all works well together. The store is set up in groupings of matching furniture, most of which have poses, that almost looks IKEA-like. Outside on the patio in back, you'll find really nicely textured, outdoor furnishings.

Thursday, December 29, 2005


I saw Szabo Horn's post in the new products and checked out the location, I really like some of his metal frame furniture.You dont see a lot of it in Second Life.

Image hosted by

Designs by Szabo, Euphoria Island

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Carlton - Agaillon Gateaux

A fellow Boardman resident, Agaillon Gateaux, recently released his house as a pre-fab home, maybe I am a tad bias because he is my neighbor and a friend, but it's a lovely design.

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At 37 prims and a 27x10 foot print it’s suitable for even 512 meters of land sparsely furnished (minimalist furnishing to match a minimalist design!).

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What I particularly like is the design is adapted to SecondLife. It’s one large room but clearly divided into 2 separate areas by a small pool of water. The large windows are also let in the view. Although I'm not a huge fan of the 'baked' textures as some call them (adding shadows and highlights to textures to simulate the way light would flow on them) they are not over done and lighten up the interior, which is kind of dark and warm, which is refreshing in a modern design, so much shiny metal in SecondLife.

See it at:

You can buy it at:
Xylo's Prefabs Or
My Store

Friday, December 23, 2005

Raw Oak

Nicole David's name first caught my eye with the opening of Blumfield, her modernist house was by far my favorite house used in the development of the area, pretty much the only one true to the mid-century theme in my own opinion.

Recently I stumbled on her furniture shop, Raw Oak, which features some beautifully crafted furniture pieces. What I found especially cute about her stuff is it comes in the default wood texture, hence the name Raw Oak. The premise being you texture it yourself to fit your own style and needs.

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I bought the 11 prim set and played with texturing them for awhile. It's fun to see the different looks you can achieve just by texturing.

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Raw Oak, Lida


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