Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spruce Up Your Space - Feb.

Hello Customers!

I am participating in a mothly home-stuff event called Spruce Up Your Space! where designers cooperate making content in different themes and take turns offering the items at a great discount ($150 or under) for a weekend. For the month of feburary we made items representing the theme of "cupids house." (see here for more info)

This weekend is mine and I would like to introduce you to my contribution: The Romance Gazebo. It is a great little structure to hang out in, place on your beach, a hill top, even in the sky! A remarkable deal for just $150! (price will only last thru Feb 28th.)!

See and buy "romance gazebo" in world here!

- 33 prims
- 15x15 meter footprint
- 10x10 meter interior
- one convenient link set for setup
- thick foundation for placement on any terrain
- 8 plant urns built in


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

love shack, baby

Tired of Red, white and pink for valentines day? Pick up one of these funky little shacks inspired by that special late 80's music video callie cline and I made for valentines day!

25 prims, mod/trans, $600 each

Available in 7 colors!

get human sized ones:
[ba] barnesworth anubis prefabs

Mini ones also available for Ozimal bunnies:
Velveteen store