Saturday, August 27, 2011

SUYS August 2011 Moroccan Tea House

Hello Customers!

I am participating in a mothly home-stuff event called Spruce Up Your Space! where designers cooperate making content in different themes and take turns offering the items at a great discount ($150 or under) for a weekend. For the month of August we made items representing the theme of "tea time".

Visit and Buy here: SUYS Moroccan Tea Pavillion (SLURL)

I would like to introduce you to my contribution: A beautiful moroccan style gazebo and tea service inspired by traditional moroccan tea sets. The gazebo is only 25 prims and beautifully textured. there are accompanying fountains, pots, and lighting accessories for $51L or less. The tea service dispenses tea glasses with a hold and drink animation so you can sit and enjoy with friends.

Finish it off with stuff from other SUYS designers in the attached notecard. Some really remarkable deals for just $150 or less! (Only thru the weekend August 27-28)! Join the SUYS group for more events and more items next week!

Have fun shopping!