Monday, May 05, 2008

7 new victorianish prefabs and garden stuff!

Also available in red brick.

Also available in red.

Also available in yellow.

View the houses and items in world/buy here: Bijou 87, 16, 24

Introducing 7 new prefabs and a line of matching landscaping stuffs, I tried something a little different than my usual style and methood of construction. It was a fun challenge and hope you like them! They were designd for the victorian community for caledon but of course are available to everyone and would look great anywhere.

General Prefab details:

New scripting!

I invested in a prefab script set called Paskis that is really great, all these houses have privacy windows and locking doors with a central privacy control. Its much more powerful and coordinated than my old script systems. You can set the houses up the way all my old prefabs work (by group), make them work for anyone, OR create your own customized list of avatars. Nifty huh?

They also all come with an auto rezzor (rez faux).

see two following images for info on size, prims etc (click to enlarge).

Garden stuff: