Friday, March 31, 2006

Deco Chairs @ Tiny Seadog

The ever tallented folks at Tiny Seadog every once in awhile take a break from their busy custom work and grace us common people with something we can purchase at their Outlet store. This week was one of those weeks.

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These fabulous sleek deco club chairs are great for any place. The poses are increadible and so is the shadow texture work.

Available at Tiny Seadog Outlet Store, Larsen (173, 92, 93)

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Modern Classics @ StyleHive

The StyleHive fashion show went off last weekend, truely one of the highlights was the actual venue of the event, built by none other than Aimee Weber. She recreated some modern classics in SecondLife for seating during the swanky show.These peices are now available for purchase in world!

The prim work is awesome, she did an amazing job capturing the shapes of peices such as the Luna Lounger, its harder than it looks to make things like that with prims!

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Also as alaways amazing texture work to create the fabrics these classics are required to carry.
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And of course the little baked texture details really give it a cool feal.

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I also really liked the poses in them, you of course can't tell in the pictures but they are animated sits with subtle movements so you dont just sit like a statue.All the poses and animations were done by Kiari LeFay.

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Go check it out! I didnt take pictures of all the peices, but thier is some increadible work there.

StyleHive Headquarters, Rivulet (68, 16, 28)

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Aegis Prior is a man after my heart. Organic forms, simple textures, and clean design.

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My favorite set, 'Saturn' the couch is also stunning but not for sale yet.

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Also he is fairly new to SecondLife, can't wait to see what else comes out of this one!

RETROSPHERE @ Carmine (181, 157, 138)

Friday, March 03, 2006

*gd* gecko designs

Gecko Surface is part of the MaHoRoBa group, which in my opinion is the most promising group of people who have come into SecondLife recently. I'm really fond of gecko's orange bench sofa set (chair pictured). He also has made a few other really neat odd's and ends as far as furniture.

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These keyboard chairs are really aweseome, they are a nod to the fact we are afterall in an online computerized world but also functional and sleek.

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And I am so focused on furniture and architecture in SL, but really I left this blog open to all content in SL, and I must say, gecko has made some of my favorite prim shoes in all of SL, Steel Cap Safety Shoes.

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All this and much more great stuff can be found at MaHoRoBa, Shepherd (14, 122, 107)

Omgz shameless self promotion

Hey, I think I deserve it, it's not like I post everything I make here! I'm really proud of this new stuff though because I actually have started using textures, all of which are hand drawn in photoshop.

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Available at: Deimos Beach