Thursday, February 25, 2010

Spruce Up Your Space - Feb.

Hello Customers!

I am participating in a mothly home-stuff event called Spruce Up Your Space! where designers cooperate making content in different themes and take turns offering the items at a great discount ($150 or under) for a weekend. For the month of feburary we made items representing the theme of "cupids house." (see here for more info)

This weekend is mine and I would like to introduce you to my contribution: The Romance Gazebo. It is a great little structure to hang out in, place on your beach, a hill top, even in the sky! A remarkable deal for just $150! (price will only last thru Feb 28th.)!

See and buy "romance gazebo" in world here!

- 33 prims
- 15x15 meter footprint
- 10x10 meter interior
- one convenient link set for setup
- thick foundation for placement on any terrain
- 8 plant urns built in



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