Saturday, January 22, 2011

[ba] new release - colonia commercial set

Hello Customers,

(check out the new build in world (slurl) [ba] colonia shop in Old Costa Rica)

I'm excited to announce the release of a new large commercial set (37 structures), the [ba] colonia set. I have been working on this for several months now after many requests for a new big set since the cote d'azur set.

The set is inspired after the beautiful architecture and bold colors of old San Juan, Puerto Rico and is build is hosted in the amazing Costa Rica Sims community here in SL, but all the parts and structures are available for sale as a set to build your own unique sim. I’ve made some changes in this set from my old one, significantly lighter on prims, the structures range from 13 prims to 44 prims and use megaprims.

(a sample of just a few of the new structures available)

The infrastructure is more richly detailed and you are not only given prebuilt sections but also textures are provided to give you more freedom on how roads, sidewalks, and seawalls can be configured.

The accessories/extras are a mix of efficient prim work and high quality sculpts so they add atmosphere but don't eat up all your prims. some variety is given so you can more easily achieve different looks and make your colonia set-up different from everyone else’s. All parts are mod/copy. All structures are in auto-rez packages for easier set up. It can be purchased as a set or single structures and components.

Also the AMAZING Cory Edo of Trompe Loeil has made a special pack of foliage and plants perfectly suited for the new set, and she is offering it for sale in a big discount pack. I'm very picky about my plants and these are my new favorites for sure.

For now all the individual pieces are only available at the [ba] colonia shop in Old Costa Rica sim as the set is quite large. The whole sim is built with the set so feel free to look around. Please come take a look around and enjoy the new sim!

The packs (complete set, infrastructure, and extras pack) are available at the main store.


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