Saturday, May 22, 2010

[ba] new stuff!


I am excited to release a new set of commercial shops,s my first line of retail display furniture, a new prefab, and some special Spruce Up Your Space items! See details below!

[ba] mainstreet set

Inspired off small town historic store fronts, these are perfect for a rental mall or your own quaint shop. As always structures are copy/mod and easy to set up! Available seperately or as a set with matching infrastructure and extras for a complete look!
See complete set and details on or in world!

The complete set is a 25% discount based on what you would pay buying everything separate.

See or buy the set in world!
See or buy the set on

[ba] retail display furniture

Is your store a little bland? Or looking for a quick way to make your shop stand out? Try my new retail display furniture!

Three styles now available, each in several colors (all shown in blonde)

[ba] posh retail set (shown in blonde)

also available in:

[ba] mod retail set (shown in blonde)

also available in:

[ba] contemp retail set (shown in blonde)

also available in:

See the retail furniture collection in world!
See the retail furniture collection on

A new prefab house/studio. Great for a place to hang out with friends and use as a studio space!

[ba] catalina studio house (in world)
[ba] catalina studio house (on

Spruce Up Your Space May (Nine-to-Five office theme): [ba] content creator steel studio set. It is a great set geared toward content creators in second life to add a little style to your work area. The set includes a desk, and chair to set your avatar in, a storage cradenza with working doors to stash xstreet boxes and other server devices out of sight but within easy access, an attractive basic poseing stand, a simple photo screen and a few decor items to add style and personality to your space.

Only available in world this weekend!

All items in the set are mod/transfer, and the set is $150 for this weekend only!

Finish it off with stuff from other SUYS designers. Some really remarkable deals for just $150 or less! (only on the 22th and 23th of May)! See the flickr Page for details and SLURL's to participating designers!

Have fun shopping!