Monday, June 19, 2006


Really cool concepts, solid construction, efficient prim and texture use, reasonably priced... BUY THEM.

Hydro Homes: Modern Homes & Stores, Ear (12, 236, 291)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Slacker Barnes

Oh mans I have been a slackerrrr.... So I am going to do a new products round up of sorts. Also look for a full lenght ContentConfessional in this month's issue of SecondStyle magazine.

Paraluxe offers a cool new chair today. It's very simple and sleek. I'm not sure if I like the ad or the chair better. Also her new Operation lounger is pretty sleek.

Maximum/Minimum offers several more modern classics, all very well made and true to their orriginal design. Mostly designed by Eileen Gray, Max must have a little crush, honestly though who doesn't have a crush on Eileen Gray?

Some lovely shots of some [EXAKT] Lighting posted by Petgirl, really lovely. Available at Verloren (216, 30, 33) in beautiful Otherland.

Midnite Simon posted a bunch of cool stuff, I just wish she would stop making her pictures so blurrrry, check it all out here I am too lazy to post all her pictures.

I probably missed some stuff. I'll try to find some cool stuff not from the new products section.