Thursday, June 28, 2007

[BAPFH] Agadir Villa and furniture collection

The Agadir Villa is inspired off of the beautiful costal villas of Morocco. The spacious two floor layout incorporates both indoor and outdoor spaces for an open feeling but with tons of private nooks. The ground floor features a covered inset patio for enjoying the view, a small indoor pool/tub, and plenty of living space. The top floor is great for a private bedroom in the tower, and has a beautiful terrace with an optional cover and built in seating. All the filigree panels can be toggled individually for privacy or to make a solid wall to better fit your decor and layout needs.

Furniture and accessories sold separately!
- House with all furniture is approx 544 prims


-Privacy system
-Small Indoor Pool
-Optional terrace tent

30x28 meters
185 prims (2048+ meters land recommended)
$3000 (furniture sold separately)

Check out the Agadir Villa and furniture collection at Demersal (80, 220, 25)

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

[BAPFH] Cubo House and furniture

The Cubo house features clean lines and an open inviting layout. The ground floor is spacious and open, perfect for entertaining and living with a spacious outdoor platform for enjoying fresh air. An upstairs private mezzanine makes a cozy bedroom, with expansive views and tintable glass for privacy. Built in planters provide a space for plants to add life and color to the house.

Furniture and accessories sold separately! Sculpty prims by Xenius Revere


-Privacy System:
-tinting privacy windows upstairs

22x34 meters
116 prims (1024+ meters land recommended)
$1250 (furniture sold separately)

Demersal (182, 43, 22)

Friday, June 01, 2007

[BAPFH] Howe Efficiency House and Sculpt Furniture

This compact structure is designed for upscale living in an intimate environment. It features the first joint line of sculpt furniture between Xenius Revere and I. Its low prim construction makes it suitable for 1024 size lots and larger, leaving plenty of prims for furnishings (which all fit with the house on a 1024 meter lot as well!). The structure is great for sloped land with a terraced construction and large windows to take in the view. Privacy controls are installed on the exterior windows as well on the frosted glass in the bedroom for intimate moments. The house features an open floor plan with a private bedroom, flexible foyer space for whatever your needs, and a beautiful large living room with fireplace.

About the fruniture:
Beautiful combination of sculpt prims and regular prims for tasteful and prim efficient furniture that looks and feels comfortable. All furniture is rendered in maya and baked with extra shaded and highlights to bring out its beautiful shape. Sofas and chairs are scripted with animated poses and sits by Torrid Midnight and Craig Altman.

About the house:

-Privacy System:
-Click the button by the door to toggle exterior windows into privacy mode
-Click the slanted frosted glass between the bedroom and living room to toggle privacy within the house
-Doors and privacy controls open on click for group only (so you can dictate access)

20x20 meters
79 prims (1024+ meters land recommended)
$750 (furniture sold separately)

Check both out at the Howe Efficiency House Display Location in Demersal (194, 68, 27) or search for "Howe" in classifieds!