Saturday, July 14, 2007

[BAPFH] Mattone Commercial Prefab Set

It has been requested I make more commercial prefabs, so here is a set of 6 simple prefabs, they aren't very fancy, the idea is they are fairly neutral in tone so shop owners can fix them up to reflect their own brand, also since my other ones are popular for rentals, these are neutral enough to cater to many different styles and vendors in a mall type setting. They are also all designed to be used together in a mall/shopping area, but are available individually if you just want one for your shop on your own land. There are 4 1 sided facade buildings and 2 corner shops, this makes it possible to create rows of shops that flow nicely together. They are all also sized in multiples of 4 so that you can parcel each shop off right on the footprint for individual listing and traffic.

Prims: range from 39-53 each
size: 24x24 or 20x20
pemissions: copy/mod no transfer
Price: $800 each or $4000 for all 6 in discount pack

Just search for "mattone" in classifieds for a TP!


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