Friday, May 18, 2007

New plants from me!

I have been trying to get my plants I have been creating together, such a daunting task so I have just put together a few; the Cherry Blossoms everyone is after, the lilypads from the Yakushima house are now available in different assorted packs, also by request 2 of my other popular house plants, the potted palm and the pussy willow branches have been boxed up as copiable versions for those of you who want to go crazy with them. Just a note, the copy plants are expensive, these are mostly meant for people who want to landscape very large area. They are priced at 5x the price of a regular item, so it is a deal if you plan use a lot of them (or more than 5x what is in the regular pack).

Cherry Blossoms

These are lovely, flexi; also comes with a particle emitter that slowly drops petals and petals on an alpha texture for on the ground around the tree!

2 Variations
32 prims each

2 Tree Pack
mod/transfer - NO COPY - $250

Copy Pack
copy/mod - NO TRANSFER - $1250

Lily Pad Kits

3 colors of blossoms in 3 preset sizes, 4 preset sizes of lily pads
Blossoms are 8 prims each, pads are 2 prims each

Small - 10 pads, 6 blossoms - 16 piece set
Mod/transfer - NO COPY - $250

Medium - 20 pads, 12 blossoms - 32 piece set
Mod/transfer - NO COPY - $375

Small - 40 pads, 24 blossoms - 64 piece set
Mod/transfer - NO COPY - $500

Copy Pack - one of each variation
Copy/Mod - NO TRANSFER - $1250

Also the following 2 popular house plants of mine are now available with copy permissions: Both come with over a dozen free copy/mod assorted pots and vases!

Pussywillow Branches
Potter Palm -$375

Come see them at my main store in Demersal
New plants section, Demersal(22, 113)

Some basic info about my new line of plants:

- All plants are modifiable
- Plants are available transfer or copy, be sure to check the
permissions on the poster before buying!

Copiable Plant info:

- Copy plants are not eligible for return or exchange
- Copy plants are priced for people who want to plant large
areas and priced to reflect that. Please contact me if you
would like a bulk order instead (this may be for permission
reasons or price)


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