Saturday, October 14, 2006

Lots Of New Prefabs!

I know I usually like to go our and find stuff vrs. just pointing it out from new products, but since SL is down and when its up I am way too lazy to blog I thought I would just point out a few things that have caught my eye:

The Farnsworth House by Maximilian Milosz

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This is a good remake of the classic Ludwig Mies Vand Der Rohe house. I had actually made this house as a newbie and named it *Barnesworth House but nobody got the reference, I was pretty disapointed. Anyway Max has done a much better job on it than I had, lots of great texture work and detail.

ONUS - Modern home from Ace's Spaces

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This is something I still need to check out in person, but the pictures look kind of cool. You dont see a lot of larger modern homes, so if you are in the market for one perhaps check this one out, let me know how it works for you.

!New! Cosmopolitan Prefab @ Dominion Custom Homes

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Hey ok this one is like way over due, I actually have seen this one in person and it is way nice. Too bad I cant find any pictures, I think its already been archived the post is that old, which means attchments are gone. bleh. Its a really great HUGE modern home, again not very common. Too big for my taste but I know a lot of people are always asking me if I know where to find one. I will try to get ahold of pictures of it.

The Town House from Ingrid Ingersoll

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Ingrid is offering her lovely Barcola townhome for sale as a prefab, I always loved this building, its really cozy and warm but modern and elegant at the same time.

OH, also since I'm posting, ill throw in some furniture too:

ARS VIVENDI: Minimalistic Bedroom

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Ars Vivendi, who I belive was featured on Pixel Pinup a few weeks ago for some living room stuff which was nice, just released this new bedroom set that looks really nice too, might be worth checking out her shop.

New arrivals at Cult Modern Furniture!

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Fade Languish, who if I am not mistaken is a legendary hat maker, apprenly also makes furniture. It looks like she has some great classic modern peices that are definatly worth checking out.


Anonymous zesje Sixgallery said...

The Farnsworth House is absolutely beautifull and an amazingly well done rl copy.
But it's a rl copy so too small for sl and impossible to live in. Walking around is difficult and I found myself with my head in the ceiling after taking a shower.

November 23, 2006  

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