Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Brennan's Homeplace - Heaven's Reach

I saw this prefab house while land shopping for a new project of mine, I really like it. I'm going to be lazy and just paste the creators information card here for details:

Heaven's Reach

Prims Required: 194
Space Required (footprint): 30m x 40m
Additional Feature(s):
- fireplace
- spacious deck and terrace

Standard Features:
- Locking doors and privacy windows
- Deep foundations for easy placement on all grades of terrain
- Packaged in a Rezzer container for simplified setup
- Modify/Copy/No Transfer permissions

Brennan-built homes make extensive use of glass, blending light and air with the design and embracing the landscape. Open floor plans provide flexible, spacious living space. Modify permissions allow you to customize your home as desired.

Your home purchase is backed by service. If you have difficulty rezzing/placing the house, Nikki Brennan will be happy to schedule an appointment and provide free assistance.

Note Regarding Prims and Space Requirements

To landscape and furnish your home properly, you should ensure that your parcel is larger than the house's footprint, and that you have sufficient prims to allow for the furnishing and landscaping that you desire.

Check out Brennan's Homeplace, British Columbia (69, 162, 22)


Blogger Ana Lutetia said...

It is nice and cute. I like house with windows all around.

July 04, 2007  
Blogger Nikki said...

I told Barnesworth back in July how much I respect his designs and appreciate his mentioning me here. None of that has changed. I mention this only by way on introduction, so that I might also say I have moved and am now located on my own sim in Ocean Isle. Drop by sometime and take a look at my work.

November 03, 2007  

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